Clothing Drive to raise funds: Charity organizations, Schools, Sport and Recreation association.

Sort & Export is a large buyer of clothing. Your charity organization can generate revenue from the sale of donated used clothing. We will compensate your organization for every pound it collects. Our goal is to support you to cover a wide diversity of endeavors as well as to develop a long lasting relationship. If you are a non-profit organization and are interested in getting involved for the first time, we can design a turnkey operation according to your capacity, starting with the coordination and logistics of the operation.

We can work together to achieve more adequate efficiencies of this nature. Depending on the total pounds to be collected by your organization, we will provide a trailer to be loaded with your collections and it will be picked up on weekly or monthly basis. Weight tickets will be obtained in order to establish dollar figure compensation. We believe this is an interesting working procedure, which will alleviate your gesture for the overcoming reception of donations that sometimes could be hard to handle. Contact us to help you to start collecting clothing that will generate significant revenue for your organization.