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Second-hand clothes
(first and second quality)

Premium, first and second quality products
(includes winter and summer).


Packaging: bales and sacks
Weight: 1050 - 650 pound bales / 400 - 100 pounds
Price: on request

Credential clothing

Original Donations Unclassified Second Hand Clothing
(clothes, shoes, toys, stuffed animals and a variety of household items).


Packaging: giant bales or bags

Weight: 1100 - 700 pound bags

Price: on request

Mixed home clothing

Selected winter summer clothing and itemized


Packaging: giant bales or bags
Weight: 700 - 1100 pounds
Price: on request

Clearance and returns (New!)

Assorted Clothing: New clothing, shoes and accessories from well-known brands (with or without original tags).


Packaging: folded in boxes

Weight: 45-55 pound boxes / 75-100 pound bags

Price: on request

Excess inventory or returns

New clothes from retail stores.


Packaging: folded into boxes and bags.
Weight: 45 to 55 pounds / 75 to 100 pound bags
Price: on request

Cloths / Rags

Assorted Unusable Garments - Fabric will be cut for cleaning cloths or shredded for fibers: cotton, wool, nylon, terry, cotton blends, and polyester blends.


Packaging: bales and sacks

Weight: 1100 - 700 pounds

Price: on request


Assorted home decor, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, jewelry, crafts, and much more!

Packaging: Pallets (12 boxes of 23x23x23 inches)
Weight: 1100 - 700 pounds
Price: on request


Packaging: boxes

Weight: Libras 1.150

Price: on request

Wallets and belts

Packaging: burlap bags
Weight: Libras 650
Price: on request

first quality

The assortment includes approximately 20% men's shoes, 30% women's, 15% children's and 35% sports shoes.

Packaging: giant bags or boxes

Weight: Libras 75

Price: on request

Toys and stuffed animals

Collectible dolls, stuffed animals, toys, jewelry, vintage decorations, arts and crafts.

Packaging: Pallets with 12 boxes
Weight: 650 - 800 pounds
Price: on request

Other articles
they are sold separately

Small and large plastics, jewelry, decorations, arts and crafts, sporting goods,
books and others

Packaging: boxes and pallets (12 boxes per pallet)

Weight: 650 - 800 pounds

Price: on request

83% of Millennials would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social and environmental problems - Forbes

Apparel brands, suppliers, and retailers are redoubling their efforts to turn a linear production model of product development and use into a closed-loop system. - Women's Wear Daily.

Currently, the retail industry is facing strong pressure to reduce its carbon emissions and textile waste, especially in the face of a new generation of consumers demanding greater environmental responsibility.

Do you have out-of-season clothing, excess samples, excess inventory, returns, or damaged items?