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We are

At Sort & Export we buy, collect, classify, reuse, recycle and sell your
clothing to keep it in circulation as long as possible.

Founded in 1993. Sort & Export was born as a solution to the problem of textile waste and excess inventory generated by the clothing industries.

We are currently one of the most reliable used clothing processing companies in the market, maintaining a close relationship with clients in South America, Central America, Africa, Europe and the United States. Our 50,000 square foot processing plant is located 30 minutes from the major ports in New York and Newark International Airport in New Jersey.

What do we do?

We buy used clothing directly from private companies, charities and brokers and after sorting we sell it to wholesalers.


Clothes can be collected door-to-door or through collection centers. We accept small quantities for small trucks or vans (3.000 to 12.000 pounds) or large quantities via trucks (25.000 to 45.000 pounds).

At Sort & Export we take care of the entire process of collecting, sorting, selling and reducing your unwanted clothing. For this we have the support of our partners Martex and Weareable Collections.